Duroc Iowa Pork- simply the best!

Of all the breeds of pigs, Duroc hogs produce pork known for its rich, red color and adored by chefs and food-lovers alike for its juiciness, tenderness and flavor.

Our Duroc pork comes from Iowa family farmers, who continue a 175-year-old American tradition, raising heritage Duroc pigs without antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products.


Frenched Chop

Boneless Chop


Pork Butt

Pork Belly

Wild Caught sustainable seafood brought to you fresh every Friday morning and available Friday to Sunday only. Seafood can be seasonable, so always check with us on the fish selection. Our goal is to present you with Fresh Alaskan Halibut, Fresh Scottish Salmon, Large Mexican Shrimp, Yellow Fin Sushi Grade Ahi, Grassy Bar Oysters and the chefs fish selection.


Alaskan Wild Caught Halibut

Scottish Wild Caught Salmon

Yellow Fin Wild Caught Sushi Grade Tuna

Large Mexican Shrimp

Grassy Bar Oysters

Chefs Special Seafood Selections - depends on season and availability.

There is New Zealand Lamb and then there is Colorado Lamb. The big grocery chains go for the cheap New Zealand Lamb which is shipped frozen for over 30 days on the ocean. At Naughty Pig, we don't settle for frozen cheap lamb when you can get fresh natural Colorado Lamb. It may cost a little more, but it is well worth it!


Lamb Chops

Rack of Lamb

Lamb Burger Patties

Colorado Lamb- Simply the best!

Swine (pork)


Why settle for unhealthy beef when you can celebrate your meals with your family with quality "good for you" grass fed beef!

Fowl (chicken)

Why Grass Fed Beef? It is simply the way nature intended cows to feed. It can take up to 7 months longer to bring a grass fed cow to market vs a grain feed cow, hence why large grocery chains prefer grain fed - it is faster to market and less expensive.

At the Naughty Pig we specialize in grass fed, single source beef products. You can see the difference and more importantly, you can taste the difference.

Black Angus Kansas raised beef- the way it should be!

All natural beef- No Antibiotics - EVER!
No Added Hormones - EVER!
No Growth Promoting Drugs - EVER!
No Artificial Ingredients - EVER!
Sourced Verified to Ranch of Birth
Humane Animal Handling Practices
It takes longer and creates more work to raise cattle using these guidelines, but we think it's the right thing to do.


New York Strip

Rib Eye Boneless

Rib Eye Bone In {Including our Signature Tomahawk Rib Eye)




Top Sirloin

In- house Ground Chuck


Chef's Blend Burger Patties

Carne Asada & more

Cut to order per request

naughty pig

Jidori Chicken - simply the best chicken!

“Jidori” is a Japanese term and the simplest translation means “chicken of the earth.” It was a term we first began using around 15 years ago to market to the many talented Japanese chefs heading the kitchens of some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. These chefs began the “Asian-fusion” cooking movement that demanded the freshest quality ingredients much like their sushi traditions. From there Jidori ChickenTM quietly spread to include all chefs from a variety of backgrounds and training. As each executive chef or sous chef left to open a new restaurant, the chicken followed. These restaurants still include Puck’s Spago, Splichal’s Patina and Nobu’s Matsuhisa among many others.


Boneless & Skinless Breast

Boneless & Skinless Thighs

Airline Cut - skin on/bone in

Whole Chicken

Stuffed Chicken

Pollo Asada

The Naughty Pig is proud to sell our customers the best all "natural" Chicken on the market.

Wild Caught Seafood

butchery & encased meats


Fresh Natural Free Range Turkey provides a great alternative to beef. We take great pride in serving our customers this fantastic turkey product.


Ground Turkey

Chef Daniels Turkey Burger Patties

Whole Turkeys by special order

All Natural- Grass Fed

Bovine (beef)